Cow right now is a building materials supplier company. We aim to supply the billing materials in time to support the builders and individuals. While constructing the buildings we will Supply cement and other building products to the builders. Our company is a handy company to build a house. A cow is helpful for all types of builders and delivers the goods at the doorstep

Who we are

We are No one dealers in supplying construction materials around AP and Telangana states. We are good building material dealers in both States. We are planning to spread our services in all over India. Our material providers supply the products instant in any location of AP and Telangana

Why Cow

Every person is busy in this technological era. Being a busy schedule an individual cannot involve in their works sometimes. Building a house is not easy. To construct the house, we need all building materials sufficiently in time. Occasionally if we take more of the material, it becomes waste if not need. Hence, we decide to supply the goods as per user requirements. However, we got a good response from customers and suppliers in a short period.

How do we supply

We connect the materials supplier of all locations in Telangana and AP. We have the list of supplier Names, Companies, and phone numbers. When the customer reaches us regarding the building products immediately, we make a call to the nearby supplier to deliver the products. Cement on wheels tie-up with every supplier in both the states to help the customers. Our co-supplier provides the products in a moment at your doorstep. The customer can contact us at any time 24/7 hours. It is our specialty to respond to the customer in the night times in urgency because workers will work overtime to complete the project. Therefore, we are providing services for 24/7 hours.

We supply building products to all individuals. We are the high-grade material suppliers from a single item to bulk in all locations of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states. Our esteemed customers satisfy with our services because we maintain good relationships with our customers and suppliers to get good results. The customer will call our toll-free number. Immediately, our operator transfers the call to our concerned person. Then we get to know the customer requirement. After that, the product will deliver to the doorstep. As per the user’s choice, we will precede the payment option.

How to pay

There are two options for the payment gateway. One is a customer directly pays to us. The second one is after delivery at the doorstep customer pay to the service provider. Therefore, it is not an issue. We have good relationships with our dealers.

Our Products

We supply brick, sand cement, steel, cement bricks, sand types, metal, rocks, and other building material to builders. We are familiar with supply the material ontime. The quality we are familiar with supplying quality products. We give priority to providing a quality product. Customer satisfaction is our motto. We can justify both the customer and consumer buy giving the products and payment on time.Therefore, our consumers and customer show interest in us to maintain business relationships. We have the power to maintain a good relationship with all types of people. Our suppliers deal well with us. Therefore, our customers feel happy to continue our services regularly. Hence, business is moving smoothly. In the cement category, we supply all brands of cement. We are ready to provide all types of products like sand, metal, and bricks


People are looking online for all their personal needs. So Individuals trying make comfortable on every part. Cow on wheels is doing service in supplying building materials online to the doorstep. Therefore, the user feels happy with the cow services and consumes the time. It will boost our immunity and keeps us healthy because this company is doing a risk-free job. Therefore for builders builds the house in a smart process.

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